7/27/2012 Grays Peak (14,270 feet), Colorado

Grays Peak (14,270 feet), Colorado

Ashley and I recently moved to sunny downtown Denver Colorado, and decided to get the ball rolling on climbing all of the peaks over 14,000 feet in Colorado, known affectionately as the "14ers".

Depending on whose list you are looking at, there are between 52-55 of them. Either way, we decided to start on a few that are close to home, and decided to head on up to trail head for the East Slopes out of Stephens Gulch which is considered the standard route for two 14ers, Grays Peak and Torreys Peak.

Grays Peak is the 9th highest peak in Colorado and the first 14er for Ashley and myself.

Elevation Gain: 3,000 feet
Trip Length:8 miles RT

To reach the top of the trail head (approximately 11,400 feet in elevation) a 4WD decent clearance vehicle was highly recommended.  There is a 100 foot section of road that is impassible for 2WD vehicles.  Thank you, Nissan Xterra.

Grays and Torreys can typically be climbed on the same trip, however the thunder and rain quickly moved in, and we picked up trail running on the way down.

Heading up the rough road to the trail head.

Obviously deep in focus up the 4WD road.

Ashley at the trail head.

The ridge to the east of the trail as we make the approach.

Ashley with Grays peak in view.

Grays peak on the left, and the ridge up Torreys Peak to the right.

Ashley moving through the rock field with Kelso Ridge in front of her.  Kelso Ridge can be taken up to the summit of Torreys Peak, and is a Class 3 climb.

Working our way up Grays Peak.

Looking down the Kelso Ridge, to Kelso Mountain (13,164).

Torreys Peak from the route up Grays Peak.  Thunder and rain killed any hope of us getting both peaks today.

Me, with Kelso Mountain in the background.

On the top of Grays Peak, our first 14er.

First 14er.

Looking south from the summit.

A bit north, at Kelso Mountain.

Ashley on the summit with an awesome mango.

Panoramic video of the summit:



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