8/12/2012 Mount Bierstadt (14,060 feet), Colorado

Mount Bierstadt (14,060 feet),  Front Range - Colorado

Originally slated to climb on Saturday, a canceled flight out of Dallas and a late-night reroute to Colorado Springs forced us to push the climb back until Sunday.  It actually worked out for the better, as Sunday brought the best weather for the weekend.

At 5AM we headed out to Guanella Pass, where we would pick up the West Slopes route to Mount Bierstadt

We parked at the upper parking lot, and hit the trail around 6:30 AM. 

Elevation gain:  2,850 feet.
Trip length: 7 miles

Looking east from the top of Guanella Pass.

Ashley at the trail head with the Sawtooth directly behind her.

Signing the trail register.

Just below the trail head, a moose swims in the pond.

The Sawtooth Ridge, connecting Mount Bierstadt to Mount Evans.  The highest point on the ridge on the left side is the 13er peak, The Sawtooth (13,780).

Ashley moving up to the ridge to the west of Mount Bierstadt.

Ashley's photo skills.

Climbing up the steep grade to the shoulder on the west side of the peak.

The summit of Mount Bierstadt, with the Sawtooth behind us.

Support the Silverback Summit Club.

Fellow 14er, Mount Evans.

Looking south from the summit.

Awesome picture of the Sawtooth.

Me, on the south west face.

Shot south of the summit. 
Shot of Grays Peak and Torreys Peak from the summit.

Yes, that would be a mountain toilet we had to find as we descended of the north face.

Shot of the Sawtooth and Mount Bierstadt.  Photo by Ashley.

Photo by Ashley.

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