8/4/2012 Torreys Peak (14,267 feet), Colorado

Torreys Peak (14,267 feet), Colorado

The previous week, any thoughts of an attempt on Torreys Peak from Grays Peak was wiped out when thunder and rain hammered the area, forcing us to quick step it down.  This week, we headed right back up Stephens Gulch, and back to the Grays Peak trail head, where we would begin our approach to Torreys Peak.

Our approach would take us up the trail to Grays Peak, where we would branch off about halfway up the mountain and make a direct approach to the ridge connecting Grays and Torreys, otherwise known as the South Slopes route. 

Elevation gain:  3000 feet
Trip Length:  7.5 miles

At the trail head for the Grays Peak trail.

Working our way up the South Slopes, looking back at Kelso Mountain.

A view of Torreys Peak from the point of leaving the Grays Peak trail.

Ashley from the ridge between Grays and Torreys.

Working our way up Torreys Peak, looking back at Grays Peak.

Climbing up the shoulder of Torreys Peak, and the exposed east side.

Further up Torreys, looking at Kelso Mountain (13,164) and the Kelso Ridge route.

On the summit of Torreys Peak.

Panoramic shot from the summit

A view south from Torreys.

View east.  You can see 14ers Mount Bierstadt  and Mount Evans almost directly in the center background.

A look at the Stephens Gulch area valley.

The closed trail for the Lost Rat Couloir from the ridge between Torreys and Grays.

Awesome shot of the brook at the base of Kelso Mountain and almost to the trail head.

Same as above, with some editing by Ash.


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