9/8/2012 Mount Democrat (14,148 feet), Mount Cameron (14,238 feet), Mount Lincoln (14,286 feet), Mount Bross (14,172 feet), Colorado

Ashley and I headed out around 5:00 AM and drove out to the Kite Lake trail head, just west of Alma, Colorado, roughly 90 miles from downtown Denver.  Our goal today was to run a ridge of 14ers accessible from here beginning with Mount Democrat, followed by the unranked 14er Mount Cameron, over to Mount Lincoln, and then to sneak up to the summit of Mount Bross, which is technically closed to the public.

Click here for a topographic view of the route (route 6)

Click here for a general route description. 

Elevation gain: ~3800 feet
Trip length: 7.5 miles

We arrived at the trail head around 8AM, a bit later than normal, but weather was calling for the rare 0% chance of storms today, so we decided we had time to run the entire area.  Temps at Kite Lake at 8:00 were around 40 degrees.

A view of Kite Lake from a quarter mile or so up the trail to the saddle between Cameron and Democrat

A shot of Mount Democrat from the trail up.

Ashley and I on the summit of Mount DemocratQuandary Peak (another 14er) is directly behind/between us.

A east to one of the few roads that runs through the Mosquito Range.

Looking south from Democrat at some 13ers in the range.  From left in the foreground showing Mount Buckskin, Mount Tweto and Mount Arkansas

Looking back at the road up to Kite Lake towards Alma, Colorado.

A view of fellow 14er, Quandary Peak.

Me, scrambling off a ledge on the west face of Democrat.

One of the many mine structures in the area (both active and inactive).  These peaks were all off-limits to the public not long ago due to the 60+ land and mine owners not wanting hikers around.

After descending back to the saddle of Cameron and Democrat, we ascended the unranked 14er Cameron.  Here is a view of the mars-like plateau between Cameron and Lincoln (our next stop) from the summit of Mount Cameron.

A view of Quandary Peak from the summit of Mount Cameron.

Ashley moving along the narrow ridge to the summit of Mount Lincoln

The summit of Mount Lincoln, the highest in the range. 

Ashley and I on the top of Mount Lincoln.  3 peaks down, 1 to go on the day.
After heading back over Cameron from Lincoln, we took the ridge east to Mount BrossMount Bross is technically still closed to the public, but we swung up and hit the peak anyway.

From the summit of Mount Bross, looking back at Mount Democrat (left) and Mount Cameron (right).  Mount Lincoln would be further to the right, (see next picture)
Mount Lincoln from Mount Bross.

Quandary Peak, with Mount Lincoln on the left.

13ers Mount Tweto in center and  Mount Arkansas on the right.

Long story, but we watched a jeep drive up to the closed summit of Mount Bross, which caused anyone else in the area to not go to the top for fear it was one of the owners of the mountain.  We ended up risking it, and found it was just a happy dude who climbed Bross earlier today and loved it so much he hiked down, and then decided to drive up again with his Jeep.  This is him leaving down a private mine 4X4 road from the peak with a huge grin on his face after stating "I guess I am double illegal today!".

Ashley (looking a little worn out!) reminding me that this is peak number 4 on the day from the summit of Mount Bross.

Heading down the very steep Class 2 trail from Mount Bross, circling back to Kite Lake.  Mount Democrat and Kite Lake seen here.

The saddle between Mount Democrat and Mount Cameron.

A small waterfall near the base of the trail, with the ridge between Mount Cameron and Mount Bross behind it.

Flora shot!

Awesome shot of the shoulder of Mount Democrat and the saddle between it and Cameron.

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