07/12/2014 - Huron Peak (14,003 feet), Colorado

3AM.   Coffee.  Smoothies.  1.5 hour drive to Leadville.  20 min to CO 390.  1 hour to go another 14 miles up a washboard road to a ghost town (Winfield, Colorado) and a 4WD road up to the upper Huron Peak trailhead.  We just bought a 2015 Subaru Forester that made the trip like a champ. 

Huron Peak.  #18 bagged.

Bombing our way up the 4WD road to the upper Huron trailhead.

Finally reaching the end of the road.  Someone is so stoked!

Huron Peak trailhead from the Clear Creek Trailhead.

Ashley heading up the trail.

Breaking treeline.

The Three Apostles starting to peak out.

Moving across the 12,000 foot meadow.

Apples yo!

Huron's North Ridge.  The Lulu Gulch route runs it over a few unnamed 13k points.

Approaching the summit

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North Apostle, Ice Mountain, West Apostle

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