7/4/2014 & 7/5/2014 - Northeast Highpointing. Mount Greylock (Massachusetts), Mount Frissell SW Shoulder (Connecticut) and High Point (New Jersey).

I flew up to Burlington VT (after a brief detour in Portland ME from an aborted landing attempt) and roadtripped it down to NYC with my dad for a New York Mets game.  On the way, we decided to grab a couple high points - so on the morning of July 4th, 2014 - we hopped in the rental and headed down to the highpoint of Massachusetts, Mount Greylock.

At 3,491 feet above see level, Greylock clocks in as the 31st highest point in the US.  It dominates the area in the Berkshire mountains, and is visable for miles due to the fact that there is not much around that rivals its prominance as it towers over the nearby town of Adams.

We headed up the autoroad from Adams as it wound for miles, crossing the Appalachian Trail at least half a dozen times.  The weather was terrible, and at times you couldn't even see 20 feet ahead due to the fog, but we slowly worked our way up, and eventually got to the summit.

Gnarly weather!

The AT crosses right over the peak.

A pretty rad topgraphic representation of the area.

We continued over the top, worked our way on some back roads and ended up in Albany for the night where we grabbed some food and some ZzZzZ's.

The following morning we woke up and headed out to the trailhead for Mount Frissell, the highpoint of Connecticut.   As we worked our way down (more) back roads, we eventually found the very remote AMC parking lot, where the trail to Frissell starts just about on the border of the Mass/CT state line.

The actual trail starts in Massachusetts, and then crisscrosses back and forth between Mass and CT a few times.  The high point of Connecticut is actually on the south side of Mount Frissell (2,380 feet), who's actual summit is in Massachusetts (2,450 feet). 

The trail to Mount Frissell started off great...under 7 inches of water that was pretty much impossible to get around.  Good thing for waterproofing and solid boots, as we basically had to plow up the stream.

After a few tenths of a mile, the trail reaches a few brief steep sections, and then crosses the state line into CT before it tops out on the summit of Round Mountain (2,280 feet).

Quick steep stretch up Round Mountain.

Looking east to Bear Mountain.

Summit of Round Mountain.

Looking west to Frissell from Round.

Once on Round Mountain, you drop down a bit and then climb again quickly up to the summit of Mount Frissell (2,450), which as stated earlier, is in Massachusetts.

Obligatory logbook sign-in.
To reach the actual highpoint of Connecticut, you continue over Frissell, dropping a hundred or so feet before leveling out at the state line.

At the actual highpoint of CT.

And the marker indicating the border.

We signed the log, and then headed out.  On the way out we ran into a group that had come upon a large rattlesnake on the trail.  Since I didn't have my fearless snake fighter/adventure partner/loveoflife Ashley with me, my dad had to step in and take the lead.

Total roundtrip time to the car, 1 hour and 36 min.

We packed up, and then headed out for our 3rd highpoint of the trip - High Point, New Jersey. 

At 1,803 feet, High Point ranks 40th on the high point list.  It's located in High Point State Park, on the NE corner of the state.  There's a 20.00 charge to drive into the park, and actually we were turned down at first because the "Park was full".  After 30 min of waiting, they reopened the road, and allowed us to drive in, and up to the summit monument.

The monument at the highest point.

The actual highest point, some benchmarks point the way.

From here, we drove on down to Newark International Airport, ditched the rental car and headed to downtown Manhatten for the night, and a Met's game the next day.

Three high points and a Mets win the next day = solid weekend!

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