08/24/2014 - Mount Edwards (13,850 feet), Colorado

Decided to get up early and knock out another Centennial Peak, this one being Mount Edwards (13,850 feet) located in Colorado's Front Range.  The Centennials are the highest 100 mountains in Colorado, which has Edwards clocking in at #83.

Mount Edwards sits on the ridge about 1.5 miles east of 14er Grays Peak, and being a 13er, is much less climbed than it's famous and extremely popular neighbor. 

There are a few ways to approach this peak.  I opted for driving up to the abandoned Waldorf Mine, located 5ish miles up a 4X4 road that is reachable from the drive up Guanella Pass in Georgetown.  At 4:30 AM I headed out from Denver, reached the turn off for the 4X4 road @ 5:30 and started the very slow drive in the Jeep to the mine.  The 5 miles took me ~55 min to drive up, and about the same to drive back down.  Total hike time to cover the ~4 miles and 2600ish elevation was 2.5 hours.

Nothing but blue skies today, however the wind was raging the entire way up and the temps were low 40's on the way up.  Not a whole lot of pictures due to how cold it was!  Once I got back into Denver is was it's usual 90 degree self.

Slow going, but as is the norm with getting into most of the high Colorado peaks.

Parked at the mine.  Behind me is the shoulder of  McClellan Mountain (13,587 feet), and unranked 13er.

Looking south, where I would walk down the continuing 4X4 road to a brook drainage, before turning due west.

Walking south for .1-.2 miles.

Once the drainage is reached (left) I essentially followed it due west.  The shoulder of Edwards is visible just right of center, hiding the actual summit.

Further in, still heading west.  I essentially climbed the surprisingly solid gully in the center until it reached the slopes.

Higher up the gully.
At the top of the gully, looking at the shoulder of Edwards.  I moved to the right (north) a bit and then skirted up the side.

Views of Grays Peak (right) and Ruby Mountain (left).  Ruby is a ranked 13er (13,277 feet) and checks in as the 419th highest peak in Colorado.  Yup, tons of mountains out here.

14ers Grays and Torreys Peak (right).

Looking North from the summit of Edwards to McLellen Mountain.

The summit canister of Edwards.

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