09/07/2014 - Dyer Mountain (13,855 feet), Colorado

Sunday:  Ashley working.   Thus, another Colorado Centennial peak on tap for today.  However, since it's the first Sunday in the NFL season, and kickoff is at 11AM - I had to find something "quick" to knock out today.  I decided upon Dyer Mountain, located in the Mosquito range of the Rockies, and at 13,855 feet it clocks in as the 81st highest peak in Colorado.

I was climbing Dyer today from Iowa Gulch, which Ashley (new wife!) and I previously had climbed 14er Mount Sherman from in 2012.  The Iowa Gulch area is located around 9 miles from the center of historic Leadville, in an old mining area.  The road is a rough dirt road, but not anywhere near 4WD or high clearance required.

I left Denver @ 4AM, stopped for a bagel in Dillon and pulled into Leadville around 6:15.  At 6:40 I was at the end of the road that leads into the Iowa Gulch area, and 6:45 I was heading up via the SE Slopes.  I arrived back at the Jeep @ 8:45ish, for a RT time of ~2 hours.

Heading up the dirt road into Iowa Gulch.  The shoulder straight ahead the West one of 14er Mount Sherman.

After parking at the end of the road, you continue on foot up the rough closed road into the heart of Iowa Gulch.

Continuing on the road, we can see the summit of Dyer ahead of us, roughly 1500 feet of elevation up.  From here you turn off the road and start heading up to attain the Southeast ridge.

Slogging straight up the slope to the ridge.

Closer, reaching the sunlight as it starts to come out for the morning.

Looking west to the Sawatch range.  14ers Massive, Elbert, La Plata and more are visible.

Nearing the ridge.

Once on the ridge, it's way gnarly off the West side.

Looking west/SW again towards the Sawatch range.

This shot gives a great view of the drastic ridge difference as you approach the summit.

On the summit of Dyer Mountain.  Canister was broken unfortunately.

Taking 10 min on the summit before heading back down the truck.

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