05/15/2015 - Mount Hood (11,250 feet), Oregon

May 13, 2015 I hopped a flight out to Portland OR to meet up with my climbing group.  Our goal was to meet up at the airport, and head out to Governors Camp - the typical "basecamp" area for Mt. Hood climbs.

Before we did, we first did an obligatory stop at the Rogue brewery in downtown Portland we had a pre-trip tasting.

Steve, Taylor, Nick and Brian at the Rogue Brewery in downtown Portland

Basecamp accommodations - the Huckleberry Inn in Government Camp

The historic Timberline Mountain Lodge at the base of Mount Hood.

The Timberline Mountain Lodge was used for outdoor shots in The Shining.
We contracted with Timberline Mountain Guides for this trip.

Spending our first day doing some mountaineering skills brush-up at the base of the mountain.

2AM early morning summit start.

Gearing up for the start of the climb up to the Hogsback
After a couple hours, we reach a popular break point below the Hogsback.  We take a break here to get ready for our push up the Old Chute route.

Moving up over the Hogsback to the Hot Rocks area, and a look at the Old Chute above us.
Volcanic smoke rising reminds you that you are climbing a volcano.

The famous Hood Shadow.

Climbing up the Old Chute

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Group summit shot

Mount St. Helens (Left), Mount Rainier (Middle) and Mount Adams (Right)

Mount Adams (Right) and Mount Rainier (Left)

Descending the summit